How It Works

Step 1: Select Your Meals

Custom Order Meals that are ordered by or no later than 12pm NOON CST Sunday will be ready on Tuesday morning for delivery. Custom meals ordered by or no later than 12 PM Wednesday will be ready on Friday for delivery. Currently our cook days are Mondays and Thursdays.

If the meals are being shipped they will go out via Fed Ex for overnight delivery following the scheduled “cook Day". Ex: If you place an order on Friday your order will be held, prepped and cooked fresh Monday to be ready on Monday evening or Tuesday Morning for shipping (we will keep you notified).

Easy Choice Meals can be ordered from our Easy Choice Menu. You can also combine custom order meals with easy choice meals with any order for delivery or to be shipped.

Step 2: Schedule Your Meals

Let’s face it, we are all Bizzy!!! We have several flexible options for you to choose from. You decide what works for you and your schedule(Delivery or Shipping). Bizzy Meals provides convenience and you are able to order on your terms. All of the meals have cooked on dates from the cook date you select. Please note that if you are keeping your meals in a fridge, we have many clients that will order food for their entire week.

Some prefer to order twice a week and have fresh meals two times a week. The choice is yours!

Step 3: Reheat and Enjoy

All of our healthy meals and flavors are developed in house by our very own meal specialist. Every meals is designed to be of the best quality as well as to have the best taste and be the healthiest on the market by comparison. Bizzy Meals takes the time, expense, hassles and frustration out of preparing healthy meals for yourself by doing it for you. Getting started is as easy as choosing your meals and having them delivered to your home or business. You choose. When you get the meals all you have to do is heat up and enjoy!