Michelle Slater & Daniel Branscum

Michelle came from the Midwest; born in Colorado, raised in Nebraska and then moved to Texas in 2010. She was always involved with athletics and became a collegiate track athlete. After graduating she moved to Houston to live with her family.

While living in Houston she has competed in the NPC as a figure competitor (2013) and has recently competed in the NSL as a physique competitor (2016). She became interested in training, and has since pursued her passion in fitness and health by obtaining several personal training certifications and then by starting Bizzy Lifestyle Meals back in 2015.

Around that same time in 2015, Michelle met Daniel. Daniel Branscum was born and raised in Texas. He has competed as a body builder two times in 2012, and once again in 2013. Just like Michelle, Daniel, has always been an athlete and became very interested in health and wellness during high school and later while serving in the US Coast Guard. While serving his country, Daniel attended The Coopers Institute for Health and Wellness so that he could be the health promotions coordinator for his unit in Chesapeake Virginia.

They both understand, very well, that not everyone has the same health story; some want to lose weight, some want to gain weight, or muscle mass, or slim their waistlines etc.

Michelle and Daniel make a great team. They are happily engaged and soon to be married. They both have a broad spectrum of interests in the wellness industry. Together they plan on taking Bizzy Lifestyle Meals to new levels and getting people as involved and excited about a healthy lifestyle as they are.

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